Athos Mountain Monasteries Tours

Guided tours to Athos monasteries

At the the south-east end of Macedonia, in Chalkidiki, lies the Athos peninsula, a place exclusively dedicated to orthodox christianity and monastic life. Twenty monasteries, inhabited by approximately 2.000 monks, live the same ascetic way of living as their predecessors did since the 8th century AD. 

A place that has freezed in time waits for, exclusively male visitors, to walk onto a living museum and experience peace in mind and soul. The rarest and oldest artifacts, midieval books and of course the still lively monastic community, narrate the story of orthodoxy, of Byzantium and after all of christianity. Words cannot describe the combination of virgin nature and human religious presence.

Take advantage of your visit to Greece and combine it with a visit to a place unique all over the world.

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