The Macedonian Royal Roads Tour

Tours in Pella, DIon, Olympus, Vergina


Starting our tour from Thessaloniki ( or any other location ), you are invited to follow the precise steps of the ancient macedonian kings.
Whoever wants to feel the macedonian culture and terrain has to visit these magnificent archeologiacal and natural sites. Welcome!

PELLA: The capital of the ancient Macedonian State is a magnificent 60.000m2 archeological site, consisting from the largest market place (agora) of the ancient world, as well as the actual houses and mansions of the inhabitants. Decorated with marvelous mosaics and sculptures all presented either on the spot they actually existed or in the Pella archeological museum, is a “must see” for those seeking to understand the depth of macedonian-greek art and architecture.

VERGINA: Vergina, a contemporary city, built near by the ancient capital of Macedonia “Aiges”, hosts the breath taking findings of the grave of Philip II, king of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great. Incredible golden artifacts and weaponry are exhibited in a dark, imposing atmosphere that surprises most visitors.

DION: Dion was an ancient city of the hellenistic era, dedicated to gods and culture, located under the Olympus mountain. The Dion Museum, the ruins of the ancient temples of Zeus, Demeter, Isis and Asclepius in combination with the overlapping mountain compose an absolutely must see archeaological site.

OLYMPUS: Last but not least, the mountain Olympus itself. A visit to the uninterrupted nature of the massive Olympus mountain, so as to have your own perception of the terrain that inspired the Greek Gods.

An excursion that even greeks having again and again, unable to resist to these permanent and inspiring points of reference.

Please note that each site can be visited separately.
Full length 8-9 hours.

Tours with an English Speaking Guide:

Guided private tour | Standard car 1-3 persons 460 
Guided private tour | Mini Van 1-7 persons 560 
Guided private tour | Mini Bus 1-18 persons 700 

All taxes

Gratuities (optional)
Food and drinks

Additional Info:
We offer pick-up from Thessaloniki hotels or Thessaloniki's airport.
The fees include professional english speaking guide. For other languages extra fees may apply.
The tour is fully customizable to your requirements and desires.

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